Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Weekend

Friday, May 27th

I stayed over at Jen's on Friday. Of course I got to visit Charlie & Frankie (Jen's two cats). I feel like they are somehow my cats too; it's funny how that works. Those two finally have become buddies, which is great considering they would not get along when Jen got Frankie. ... Her and I watched Spanglish that night. It's a great show and this was the second time I had seen it. I really like it, though the ending is a bit strange. Nevertheless, I recommend it.

Saturday, May 28th

I started the day off by getting a haircut. I can't stand when my hair gets long enough to start covering part of my ear. It bugs the everloving crap out of me! After that, I went over to visit my parents. I washed my car and helped my dad put something on ebay. I help him anytime he wants to sell something, and he always gives me at least 15% of the final sale price (though I always remind him he doesn't have to). So while we were at it, we also put my keyboard on there. I like it, but honestly I haven't even gotten around to using it in quite awhile. It's taking up too much space, and besides, I can use the money right now.

I also decided to give my electric guitar back to my dad. He gave it to me awhile back, but I hardly get around to using that either. I haven't even being playing my acoustic guitar much at all lately. So I talked to him about it and took it back over there. We will put that on ebay one of these weekends as well...

In the evening, I took Jen to see Star Wars - Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith. I ordered tickets online for the 10:50 show, just to make sure we would be able to get them. That seems to be the way to go, because all you have to do when you arrive is swipe your credit/debit card through this ATM-looking thing (apparantly called a "kiosk")... and the tickets print right up for you to take. It's most triumphant. So sure enough, five minutes after the previews start, some annoying-ass teenage girls come sit down right in front of us and blab and giggle... and everything else that dumbass self-centered little girls do. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) I was SO upset with them. No, I mean like SOOOOO upset. I wanted them to stop existing. I really really wanted to fucking END them. I'm not paying $20 so my friend and I can hear you talk, you selfish bitches. I "shushed" them a couple times, but of course they didn't even hear me because they were busy talking about how stupid their stupid asses were (or whatever). I ended up having to get up and move to a different section of the entire theater. Jen did like the show though, and afterwards she told me about how I wasn't the only person annoyed by those two bitches... I'm sorry... girls.

You have to understand something about me. Distractions in movie theaters, to me, is infuriating. Cell phones, people talking, little kids, commercials....... all these things make me despise the human race routinely when I go to see a movie. I rank it up there somewhere under animal cruelty. It's so bad that I hardly even go to movies anymore. Only when something I REALLY really want to see is out (like Episode 3). Thanks everyone, you've ruined my enjoyment of the movie screen. Thanks a bunch.

I have to be honest... I sometimes wish I could kill certain people.

Sunday, May 29th

I took my parents to see Episode 3 at Cinerama in downtown Seattle (my "Sith" viewing #4 and counting...). A week ago, I reserved these tickets online, and it's a good thing I did. The day's tickets were sold out by the time we got there, and the line to get in was a good city block long. My parents waited in line while I got the tickets. We ended up not getting the seats I wanted, but the ones we DID get were decent anyway. My parents both really enjoyed the movie.

Later that night, Jen and I watched two films:
  • The Final Cut - An intriguing movie about a "cutter" (Robin Williams) who's job it is to edit and create a "re-memory" for funerals. Some people are born with a chip that records every memory and experience throughout that individual's life, from birth to death. Upon death, the chip is removed and given to the "cutter". The cutter then scans through the memories and makes a montage of the person's life... including any certain events requested by close friends and family. It's a very interesting idea, yet a disturbing one as well. People are not always who they seem to be...
  • Saw - This one was completely disturbing. One of those films that makes you feel uneasy and... just wrong. I actually didn't like it that much, though it was pretty intense. As much as I like Cary Elwes, he just wasn't the right guy for the lead role. Then again, the movie wasn't right for me either.

Monday, May 30th

Today was fairly uneventful. I always appreciate a day off. Sundays are often my movie days, so this week, that's what today was. I just watched the following movies:

  • Team America: World Police - This is honestly the funniest movie I think I've ever seen! I've never laughed so hard watching a movie, especially while watching it alone. A couple minutes into it, I knew I was going to love it. If you want a good laugh, watch this flick. The "Unrated, uncensored" version if you can... that's the one I bought. Keep an eye out for the classic sex scene. LOL Absolutely hilarious! Trey Parker is a comic genius (which I've known for a long time actually).
  • Zoolander - I finally watched this film at the recommendation of my friend Wayne. It was pretty funny also, though a bit odd. I enjoyed it as well, though having watched it directly after Team America, of course it wasn't going to seem as funny. Still, I'll watch it again soon to get a better idea of how much I like it.

I also bought tickets for my dad and me to go see Rain, a Beatles tribute band we've seen a couple times before, and one of the best out there. ( I got two center-stage seats at the very front of the first balcony, so the seats will be most excellent! I'm already really looking forward to it. :)

Other than that, there shouldn't be anything going on this week. I'm going to take my lunch breaks at work, and I don't plan on staying late much at all. That will give me more time to take care of other things at home. I'm still trying to get ahold of Cory to ask him about the roomate thing, so I'll find that out. Otherwise, I'll need to be out of this apartment by the end of June. I may just end up getting my own studio place. That would be koo. I may even have a date some night this week... we'll see.

Well, I'll be online the rest of tonight, so drop me a line. I'm right here working on my music stuff as usual. :)

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  1. Thinking of you! Thanks for the weekend wrapup.