Saturday, August 21, 1999

Mariners Game

Saturday, August 21st, 1999 @ Safeco Field

Cleveland Indians - 6
Seattle Mariners - 0

Attendance - 44,891 / Duration - 3:08

  • Not much. Basically, the Mariners got their asses handed to them.
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Friday, June 11, 1999

Mariners Game

Friday, June 11th, 1999 @ The Kingdome

San Francisco Giants - 3
Seattle Mariners - 7

Attendance - 29,527 / Duration - 2:42

  • Edgar Martinez hit his 11th homerun of the season.
  • Dan Wilson hit two doubles.
  • J.T. Snow homered and doubled for the Giants.
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Sunday, April 11, 1999

Today's Online Survey

1. Name & Nicknames: Ryan....Rybo

2. Birthdate: August 28, 1979

3. Location: Idaho

4. School: Sucks

5. Hobbies: Baseball, Softball, Guitar, Computer, Movies, Music, Video

6. Color Of Eyes: Mine? Green

7. Height: 6' 2" +

8. Shoe Size: 12

9. Favorite Color: Teal, Turquoise

10. Favorite Song: "Naturally" by Huey Lewis & The News

11. Favorite Book: "Brain Droppings" by George Carlin, "The Shining"
by Stephen King, "Sphere" by Michael Crichton

12. Favorite Vacation Spot: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

13. Absolute One Best Friend: I don't have just one best friend.

14: Best Friend of the Opposite Sex: And I don't have just one best of
them either.

15: Boyfriend or Girlfriend? I'm really only interested in a
girlfriend right now.

16: Crush: It's okay...I like Dr. Pepper better.

17: Things you like in the opposite sex: Well a pulse is a good start.
Along with all the major organs.

18: When was the last time you kissed someone: I think about 3 years
ago now. Too long. I'm way overdue.

19: What was the most romantic thing a person has ever said to you? No

20: Funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention
of someone of the opposite sex?: Called her. I know...I'm a

21. Best Friends: Ahhhhhh!

22: Best quality in a friend: honest, caring, sense of humor.

23: Fondest Memory of you and your Friend(s): I can't pick one of

24: Scariest Thing that's ever happened to you?: Well I once got hit
less than an inch from my eye with an aluminum bat someone was
swinging. Then there was the drunk guy who tried to strangle me. And
when I got hit in the mouth by a line drive while playing third base.
And when I was in that car wreck (I wasn't driving). And then another
time, the car in front of us on the freeway did six flips. We were the
first ones to help that lady.

25: Favorite Computer Font: The Terminator font

26: Favorite Food: Salad & Fast food. those two really go together
don't they? : )

27: Favorite Place to Eat: Anywhere that has food I like.

28: Food you Hate: Lasagna, Spaghetti, Peanut butter & jelly
sandwiches, olives, onions, tomatoes, peppers, pork, guacamole, sweet
& sour sauce (probably the worst), meat with chunks of bones in it,
and pretty much everything else that I don't like.

29: Weirdest food that you like: Well I love to dip my fries in
vanilla ice cream. And i used to dip cheetos in horseradish. used to
eat oreos with horseradish & soy sauce. don't mind cheese with a candy
bar either.

30: Dumbest thing you've ever done: Oh, man! There are so many things
in this category! I'm not gonna try to pick one of them.

31: The One Person that Knows the Most About You: I would probably
have to say ME!

32: Favorite Movie(s): Dumb & Dumber, The Shining, Can't Hardly Wait,
T2: Judgement Day, & Back To The Future.

33: Last Movie You Saw: The Matrix

34: Here's the scenario: I do NOT understand this question!

35: Nicest Thing Someone's Done for You: Well it's hard to think of
something because it seems like I'm always the one doing nice things
for everybody else. But there are nice things that people have done
for me. And I feel bad right now because I can't think of one at the

36: Best Advice Ever Given to You: "You can do ANYTHING you want...if
you put your mind to it"---my parents always told me that.

37: Favorite Quote #1: Well I have a lot of favorite quotes.

38: Favorite Quote #2: (See question #37)

39: One thing you wish you could tell the whole world: Think for
yourself, don't let someone think for you.

40: One thing you hope you do before you die: Get married, be
successful, start a family, be happy...

41: Thing you want to be remembered for: Being a nice guy.

42: What's your personality type: It depends on who's opinion, doesn't

43: Favorite Music Group: Lots of them. NIN, STP, The Rembrandts, The
Beatles, Sheryl Crow, Van Halen, Metallica, Nirvana, Prodigy, LL Cool
J, Will Smith, Coolio, Janet Jackson, Huey Lewis & The News, & "Weird
Al" Yankovic.

44: Pets: 2 cats. Hootie & Alex.

45: Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day

46: Favorite Season: Summer

47: Favorite Summer Activity: Baseball/softball

48: Favorite Winter Activity: sledding, snowball fights.

49: What you wanna be when you grow up: Well I was gonna say Laura,
but Laura already took my answer. So I'll have to go with Ryan.

50: Funniest Person you Know: Well Jim Carrey. But I don't know him

51: Favorite Conversation Topic: Anything.

52: Favorite Sport: Baseball.

53: Favorite Magazines: People, Premiere

54: Favorite Toothpaste: Toothpaste is not my bag, baby! (Aquafresh)

55: Favorite BubbleGum: It's been a long time since I had bubble gum.

56: Favorite Candy Bar: Kit Kat, Krackel, M & M's

57: Favorite Stores: Any stores that sell cool stuff. You heard stuff!

58: Favorite Thing to Wear to School: My hat.

59: Favorite Thing to Sleep In: I'm gonna have to say a bed as well.

60: Biggest Fear: Growing up alone. Never falling in love again.
Deaths of the people I care about. Embarrassment & spiders.

61: Favorite Inside Jokes: Well I can't think of very many funny jokes
about being inside. It's just not too funny of a subject.

62: Favorite Girl's Name(s): Jamie, Elizabeth (Beth/Liz), Melissa,
Jennifer, Charlize : ), Dina, Lindsey...etc.

63: Favorite Guy's Name: hmmmmmm....

67: Thing You're Picked on Most About: being a huge Mariner fan.

68: Best Thing About the Person you Got This from: Is there really
only just one thing? What is there NOT the best about her?

69: Favorite Words: "cool", and other "cool" words.

70: Thing you Say Waaaaay Too Much: Cool. A lot of cool people I know
say I use "cool" WAY too much. That's not cool.

71: Favorite ice-cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Butter
Pecan, Junior Mint.

72: Favorite Soda: I love all of them, as long as they're not diet or
black cherry. diet black cherry is not one of my favorites.

73: Link to your favorite website:

74: One Place you want to go to (you've never been there): England

75: Time & Date: Cool! I can pick any of them? How about 7:59PM on
Tuesday, August 28, 1979...when I was born.

76: What did you do or what are your plans today: Wouldn't that be   
#76 AND #77?!

77: You kiss someone and you're chewing gum: really? When was this?
I'm not chewing gum, I'm a human. I think I would have remembered
that. I DID kiss someone, but i was still human at that time.

 78: What college do you want to go to (or are you going to or will
you be going to?): Uhhh...don't know yet. But don't make the question
so confusing next time.

79: Person you Admire the most: Ken Griffey, Jr. ... & my parents....

80: Thing you most regret: I'm who I am, because of the choices I've
made. So I really don't have anything major that I regret.

81: Number of Pairs of shoes you own: 2 (that would be four shoes all

82: Favorite piece of jewelry: Uhhh...definitely....Laura's ring.

83: Your Theme song(s): "I Just Want Something I Can Never Have" by

84: If you were a nailpolish what color would you be and why: I would
be clear, because I would smell like nail polish. And so people would
be looking around asking "who smells like nail polish?". But they
wouldn't know it's me because they wouldn't be able to see me.

85. If a movie was made about your life what would it be called:
Psycho? The Man With No Brains? Dirty Rotten Scoundrel? Dumbest? Oh I
know! How about "This Movie Sucks Because It Is Way Too Boring".

86: Color of your bedroom: Racist! Are you talking about the walls? In
that case I would have to say white.

87.      Uhhhh...Hey what happened to #87 ?!?!?!?!?!?!

88: Last time you showered: Couple hours ago.

89: Last phone number you called: I cannot remember.

90: Last thing you had to drink: water

91: What's the weather like: It depends.....where?

92: Last Book you Read by Choice: "The Shining" by Stephen King. And
every book you read is by choice. Maybe your choice, maybe someone
else's. In fact, if it's in school you still have the choice to either
read it or fail...

93: Last show you watched on TV: Friends

94: Where is your computer: On the corner of 3rd & Jefferson...In my
house of course!

95: Color socks you're wearing: Who said I'm wearing socks, 'cause
I'm not.

96: Silliest Thing You've said: Most of the stuff I say is considered

97: Favorite Smiley: :P

98: Last sentence you said: Gee....let me look in my "journal of
sentences I say each day".

99: Thing you actually want to be doing right now: Just hangin' out
with my girlfriend. (I need to find one first)

100: How glad are you that this is over? Well now I have to figure out
what to do with the NEXT four hours.