Friday, October 5, 2001

Ghetto Commandments

What if Jesus and Moses were from the ghetto? Maybe the Ten Commandments would go something like this:

1st: Thou shalt not cappeth a mother fucker.
2nd: Thou shalt not fucketh with my bitches.
3rd: Thou shalt not giveth mad props to homies.
4th: Thou shalt not stepeth to me, or thus might blast thou fucker.
5th: Thou shalt not cheateth on your bitch, no matter how fineth this other ho's booty is.
6th: Thou shalt not front like a punk-ass bitch.
7th: Thou shalt not say things like 'Fuck' or 'Shit' or 'Yo Mama'. For example "Yo Momma and that piece of shit, Samson, are fucking." is unacceptable.
8th: Thou shalt not listen to thy Puffy.