Saturday, July 19, 1997

Mariners Game

Saturday, July 19th, 1997 @ The Kingdome

Kansas City Royals - 9
Seattle Mariners - 6

Attendance - 49,776 / Duration - 3:12

  • Jay Buhner hit his 25th homerun of the season.
  • Alex Rodriguez hit homerun #14.
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Friday, May 2, 1997

Mariners Game

Friday, May 2nd, 1997 @ The Kingdome

Milwaukee Brewers - 1
Seattle Mariners - 8

Attendance - 37,430 / Duration - 2:24

  • Randy Johnson pitched eight innings, giving up only three hits. He won his 4th game of the season.
  • Ken Griffey, Jr. hit his 14th homerun of the season.
  • Alex Rodriguez hit homerun #5.
  • Dan Wilson hit his first homerun of the season.
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Tuesday, April 1, 1997

The One Thing

... My life is so messed up. Sometimes it seems like all I have left is my music, and my computer. Whenever I feel hopeless, I've at least got my music. No matter what I listen to - from The Beatles to Metallica; from Janet Jackson to Nine Inch Nails - I have something that will clear up my head and make all my thoughts go away. It is the only time when I don't feel like the whole world is jumping down my throat...

Saturday, February 1, 1997


She's perfect

My girl
what can I say about her?

She knows how to make me laugh
I love her humor; reminds me of mine
she’ll be sitting there talking about her day,
and she’ll say something like “my boss is a turd monkey”
and I’ll know exactly what she’s talking about,
because so is mine
She loves to laugh
and I love to make her laugh
no matter how hard of a day she has,
I never stop until I can make her crack up about something
it always works, one way or another
sometimes, on her worst days,
I have to use my backup plan:
her secret ticklish spots
where are they you ask?
I’m not telling, I did say they were secret didn’t I?

She's so nice
i can talk to her about anything
and i do
we share everything
our secrets, our fantasies, our lives
she's very open-minded, out-going, and comfortable with herself
Somewhere in that sweet innocent little girl,
lies the heart of a dangerously sexy goddess

Her amazing voice makes all my problems go away
her singing is magic to my ears, and soothing to my mind
she sings along to most songs she hears
mostly in the car, or in the shower
she doesn’t sing in front of me too often,
but when she does, it’s usually
….in the car, or in the shower
no, I take that back
because there are times
when we’ll be listening to
the radio together, and she’ll sing for me
we even do duets sometimes
and sometimes she just sings me to sleep
just like a little baby

She's the most beautiful person I've ever seen
and ever will
And I've seen a lot of people
she still doesn’t know just how beautiful she really is though
I remind her every day
I know she’ll never cheat on me,
just as I never would on her
we have complete loyalty to each other
and we trust each other
we really do
why the hell would I even consider cheating on her anyway?!
I would have to be the stupidest person ever
it would be like giving up your reservation at the rainbow room to go get a happy meal
no, I would NEVER hurt her
or put up with anyone hurting her
I would die to protect her

Her brown eyes weaken my knees
Her smile melts me every time
Her teeth: the brightest white
but not so bright that they glow in the dark
Her lips: soft and luscious with a slight pout
and just a side note: they taste like strawberries
Dammit I love strawberries!
Her hair...I love her hair
It smells so good, and feels wonderful when i run my hands through it
she never lets it get too long
she knows I have a thing for shorter, curly hair
but she’ll grow it out and change colors sometimes for variety,
she can’t fool me though, she still looks great either way
and she has a body that's so sexy
great skin..very smooth and soft
Perfect curves, for her 5' 9" frame
And those
Her feet are amazing as well
cute little pink nails
some days they’re purple
she changes ‘em every once in awhile
sometimes she even has me paint ‘em for her
I don’t mind so much
in fact, I rather enjoy it….don’t tell anyone

She puts her tiny hands in mine,
it makes me feel like i can protect her
unfortunately, i always have to end up letting them go after awhile
We love to dance in the living room, making it up as we go along
one time I got a little carried away
to make a long story short, I hurt myself
I guess I wasn’t as flexible as I thought
but she took care of me and got me back on my feet within a couple days
I gave her a good laugh out of the whole deal anyway,
so it was worth it
and speaking of taking care of me,
when i'm sick, she fixes me things to eat and drink
she keeps damp washcloths on my forehead,
she talks softly to me
she even sits with me when i'm lying on the couch,
and holds my head on her lap
and gently strokes my cheek as i fall asleep
she's so good to me
I love her so much

She loves to cuddle every night
She holds me while we watch movies
She holds me when she's scared
I love that
Her kisses make my heart beat faster
Her hands relax my nerves
Her massages are so sensual, I can never get enough
Full of passion, and always shows it
She gets me to do things I never would have imagined
my tattoo? Wouldn’t exist if not for her
my peirced ear? Well okay, I don’t have one
but I’d get one for her
hell, I’d even do it with a paper punch
She makes me feel alive...and happy
two things I've never truly been
every once in a while
we’ll take a trip somehwere
for instance, this one time
we drove to the coast
i actually did the driving
she was there next to me in the passenger seat
looking cute as ever
with her little sunglasses on
and her hair pulled up
i'm glad i usually drive with one hand on the wheel
it gave me the chance to put my other hand on hers
there we were
on a lonesome highway
steady in one direction
with no one around for miles
and we were having the time of our lives
we sang along to the radio all day
even trying little harmonies
we won't be going professional,
but we thought we sounded great anyway
we'd laugh when we finished a song
only to start right into the next one.
eventually, she would get a little sleepy
so i'd put my free arm around her and pull her closer
she'd rest her head on my shoulder
and fall asleep
i'd keep driving.
by the time she woke up,
i had already checked into the hotel at the beach
i was getting sleepy myself,
so we decided to go to the room and rest.
when we got there,
we were amazed by the view of the ocean
it was so beautiful how the sky turned pink
the sun had almost set
i pulled a nice comfortable lawn chair up on the balcony
then i grabbed a big huge quilt
i sat down in the chair, and motioned her towards me
she had started to get a little chilly
i spread out the blanket
she sat on my lap, and laid back
i draped the quilt over her body
there we were again, laying together
her head on my chest
falling asleep overlooking the ocean
it will always be one of my best memories

She means everything to me......everything
I could never stop thinking about her
and wouldn’t want to anyway
She's everything I've ever wanted

She's perfect...absolutely perfect...

....…..which is why I'll never find her