Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I realize it's been far too long since I've written last. And when I actually have, it hasn't accurately reflected the events in my life that I should be noting. I often find myself writing when something is bothering me or gnawing at me from the inside-out.

When it comes to Dian, my life seems serene and beautiful. Since I've been with her, I've felt more at peace with myself and with my life in general. She and I were married on December 19th, 2008 - one day after her 30th birthday. We had planned it to be exactly on her birthday, but a snow storm decided against that. Still, we have an entire two-week, late December span to celebrate from now on. Her bithday, our anniversary, Christmas and New Year's... all within the same two weeks. I can't think of a better way to end our year, and begin the next, than celebrating all these things with her.

Dian is my rock; my inspiration. She's the bright light in my nocturnal world; my life raft in Waterworld. She is my one love in this existance. All cheesy analogies aside, she is everything that represents those things in this world worth saving.

What had been a huge missing piece in my life-long puzzle, has now been placed securely into the picture. And as my mind begins to wander into new teritorries here and there, just know that in the realm of relationships and romance, I couldn't be happier or more content.


late at night
a day-long fight
a world full of fear and fright
turn out the light
you think you might
trade in the wrong to find the right

close your eyes
cream blue skies
nobody hurts, nobody dies
we stop our fear, take back our lies
the Earth stands proud while evil cries

deep in dreams
so nice it seems
the sunshine hits like laser beams
the mountain rests, our ocean gleams
the human race at last redeems

your kind mind races
through peaceful places
young smiles cover happy faces
embracing love while hate erases
leaving misery... no traces

your eyes break free
quite suddenly
euphoria will quickly flee
is this how life was meant to be?
there's something wrong it seems to me
but as you rise, please realize imagination holds the key
we can do what we can see
and loving for eternity
hug a baby, plant a tree
swim with dolphins, open sea

a million dreams, a million days
to love life in a million ways

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We stopped by Staples to grab a Swingline Precision Pro Desk... hole-puncher thingie. It cost us $13.13.

...And then the world rejoiced.