Thursday, July 18, 2013


It's both sad and frustrating for me to know nobody will ever truly understand the way my brain works and how I view the world. Throughout my life, my inability to properly articulate my thoughts and feelings to others has basically paralyzed my development and growth. My mouth opens... disconnected thoughts and incomplete ideas spill out... hence the reason I tend to keep my mouth shut.

When you look at me, you see a boring, unemotional person with no personality... no humor... no heart. That's because I'm typically good at hiding inside myself, as if my internal computer had precise control over a complex series of emotional floodgates. It doesn't mean that people like me don't feel. It doesn't mean your mean-spirited comments don't hurt us. It just means we are cloaked.

Cloaked from the outside world and damaged from something elusive in the past.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Emperor's New Penguin Clothes

I think it would be totally worth it to rent an expensive tuxedo just so I can crash a super-elite party in the fancy-pants, snob-pile part of town. I would straighten my posture and throw around smoldering, if not very creepy, looks. And of course I would speak in a gentle, British accent and often make references to my personal assistant, Dominic.

I would do all of this just to see how long it takes them to find me a fraud and kick me out of the party. The best part? I could try the same thing the following week and attempt to break my record.