Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Malt Balls

I just had this great idea... You know when you finish your monthly meds and you're left with all these empty plastic containers that are too useless to keep around, but far too rad to throw away? I started thinking... what if I walked around a city park looking for rabbit turds, found a way to mummify them, and filled each of those med bottles up with them? Then I could white out certain parts of the labels and rewrite them. That way, when I have visitors over and they inevitably snoop through my medicine cabinet, they'll find them and wonder why I have a prescription for 40MG mummified rabbit turds. And then if they confront me about it, I'd explain that I was once bitten by a Peruvian hare, and this is the only known counter-agent. Then I'd pick up one of the bottles and take one in front of them, not telling them that particular bottle is actually full of tiny malt balls.

And I know what you're thinking: How would the medicine cabinet smell after three months or so? Well, probably not good. But hey, it's a bathroom and those usually stink anyway.

By the way, therapy is going well.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Class Dismissed

Divide and conquer.

Those in power know how effective this is and continue to do everything they can to turn us against each other. Because while we're fighting amongst ourselves, we are that much more distracted from realizing what's really going on and how much of a puppet class the middle class has become.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

State Of Flux

Something I've recently learned about my thought process:

My mind is constantly drifting from thoughts of the past ("If i had done that differently, how might things have gone?")... to thoughts of the future (If I do this, what might the consequence(s) be, and how will that affect my life?"). The future-based thoughts tend to consume the majority of my focus and energy. This prevents me from being able to fully enjoy the present, which is a key to finding happiness and contentment. (They call this practice of being in the present: "Mindfulness"... something I've begun to explore for myself.)

It's funny because I've always felt time itself is just a man-made concept. The past is gone, never to visit us again. The future hasn't happened yet and is constantly in a state of flux, so the future, in a sense, doesn't exist either. One could even argue that the present doesn't even exist... because by the time you identify a moment as being "the present", it has already escaped and become the past. So my mind often feels conflicted about things. This confliction inevitably leads to frustration. The frustration becomes anger... at the world... at society... but mostly just at myself for not being smart enough to figure these things out and make sense of them.

^^^ This is a good example of why I'm in therapy in the first place.