Saturday, February 25, 2017

Elusive Gift

I think one of the main things that keeps me frustrated are the questions I find myself often pondering: What if I have a gift? What could that gift be?

Who's to say I'm not the greatest ice-skater who's ever lived? ... Or a song-writer with the potential to save a million lives? Who's to say I can't bake a cake that a thousand stomachs have longed for? ... Or that I don't have a set of MVP trophies on my mantle in some parallel universe?

How would anybody ever know?

I've never tried those things. ... Or applied myself to those things.

The talent could be there; if I had only tried. But we'll never know. Another wasted opportunity.

I suppose in some way, it never really mattered anyway. In the blink of any given eye, we could be wiped clean by a supernova. Everything we are and everything we have ever known... gone. Returned to the stars.

What would matter then?