Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Music Is My Battery

After getting my paycheck on Friday, it is quite frustrating to realize the whole thing is already spent. The bright side is... a couple more of my bills are paid off. Yay. And only two more weeks of hell until I get some more money.

I'm going crazy with overtime lately. Today I even worked from 9:00am - 8:00pm with no lunch break. I'm not just trying to get a nice check next pay period, but I'm also trying to keep us caught up at work. Whether it's working or not, I don't feel I'll be there much longer.

My music project is still rolling along. I just went through Guster's "Lost And Gone Forever". That is a great album, and I recommend it to anyone who's ever in the mood to listen to something on a different pace. I also listened to/ripped Sheryl Crow's second, and self titled release. That album is great as well, and filled with one solid song after another. Among the many sleepers on that album, "Home" stands out. Also, I'm really digging "Superstar" at the moment... a classic retro feel to it. :) SWV's "It's About Time" may seem like an odd duck in my CD library, but that album reminds me of a time when I thought I knew everything. Of course I still do, I'm just older now. Every song on there fills me with nostalgia for some unknown reason. But none more obvious than the last track, the "Right Here/Human Nature" remix. I suppose it may have something to do with hearing it one night on the freeway as a kid, looking out over the Seattle lights and thinking about the future. Funny how now I think of the past when I hear it...

And as many of you probably know, it's hard to come up with a favorite from Dave Matthews Band's "Under The Table And Dreaming". Sure, I want to say "Satellite" without flinching, or maybe "Warehouse" that I love so much. The mellow-choly last track, "34"? "Dancing Nancies"? With all these incredible tunes, I still have to go with "Jimi Thing". When I first listened to this album, this was one of those unimportant tracks I would skip past in a naive haste. After making myself sit through the entire album a few times, I realized it is actually full of amazing music. Give it a listen if you don't believe me...

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