Thursday, May 26, 2005


...And on a completely different thought wave, why is it that I feel more and more discouraged with the human race as each day goes by? I'm not talking about individuals here, just humans as a group. We see ourselves as heroic. We see ourselves as positively superior in this world. We see ourselves as noble, precious, intelligent, caring creatures who strive for an age of peace.

I see the human race, as it is now, as completely fucking primative. We are selfish and ignorant to the things around us. We are savages. Brainwashed, hypocritical and insignificant beings. We claim to understand it all, yet we cannot even begin to grasp the concepts of the universe waiting out there for us. We think in the absolute, when life itself is something abstract. I dream we are destined for something much greater than we are, yet we seem to be somehow devolving. It's very disappointing...

They say that ignorance is bliss. I say that would be incredibly sad... yet it seems to be true. It's not easy being a realist.

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