Monday, May 2, 2005

Random Shit

Last week I got a new kind of contacts. As it turns out, my old ones were not letting enough oxygen get to my eyes, hence my trademark bloodshot eyes look. So these new ones are made of a thinner material, and I've been wearing them everyday since I got them. They feel great! People have already noticed that my eyes look better. My mom said they don't look as dry and bloodshot, and Jen mentioned that they... I believe the quote was, "don't look as icky anymore". Plus, it's always nice to see clearer, so I'm happy about it. : )

Saturday night, we watched Blade: Trinity again. Being a fan of both sci-fi action and vampire flicks, I really enjoy the Blade trilogy. I saw this one in the theater actually. It was better the second time. Also, tonight I just watched Napoleon Dynamite. lol What a crazy show. I liked it. But I feel obligated to let everyone know that not all Idahonians are that fucked up. lol I mean, look at me! Although, I too can dance a mean "Canned Heat". Seriously though, the film gives you the sense that no matter how weird and lame you think you are, there are others out there who are even worse. It's only a matter of finding those people and getting to know them. : )

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