Thursday, May 26, 2005


This weekend is going to be interesting. Already in my plans:
  • A haircut
  • Two + more viewings of Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
  • grocery shopping
  • help parents with a couple random things
  • music studio
  • stay at Jen's place one night
  • watch my new DVD of Team America: World Police
  • call my cousin Cory to ask him about possible roommate situation
  • serious room cleaning and organization
  • work on computer music project
  • pay off bills, watch over account balances
  • keep up with email, blog and online groups

... that's my plan so far, but a casino trip is possible too. I'm excited for this weekend though, especially since we have Monday off. : )

We all know I've been stressing out at work lately. Tomorrow I'm finishing up another 90+ hour pay period (counting the PTO I used when I was gone the couple days). Tuesday saw me work from 9am to 9pm with no lunch. I have too much to do...

Now on top of this, I have to be out of my apartment by the end of June. Since our lease is up, Geoff and Amber decided to get a one bedroom apartment somewhere else. That's reasonable, due to the fact they're getting married here in a short few months, and I honestly don't want to live with a married couple anyway. That just seems somehow... wrong. So as I noted above, I'm thinking I might talk to ANOTHER one of my cousins, Cory, and see if he's interested in rooming with me. He just broke up with his girlfriend of a few years, with whom he was living with. So he had to move back in with his mom for awhile, just as I will likely have to move in with my parents temporarily. I'm just bummed to have to resort to that. That's why I'm brainstorming now...

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