Friday, September 2, 2005

Strange Days

Sober reasons I love the film Strange Days:

"One man's mundane and desperate existance is another man's Technicolor."

"I love your eyes, Lenny. I love the way they see."

"She could take all the hurt and rage in the entire world and lift it up to Heaven in one voice."

Drunken Rant version of reasons I love the film Strange Days:

I love it because I now realize that Lenny Nero, the main character, is basically me in another world. Tortured by the one who inspired him to be everything is now; completely different than everything he once was. His only motivation in life is to make her happy even though she is no longer in his life. Minor issues like that do not stall guys like us. We want to believe. We want it so badly that it soon becomes all we know. Yet, Lenny has so much potential. He could sell water to seahorse and never break a sweat. He has all the tools other guys would love to have, but he can never be complete. Not without her. For she is the missing piece to his puzzle of life. Without her, life will never be complete anyway. The best we can hope for, is to start a new puzzle on the side. An unknown puzzle filled with inexperience and awkwardness. Hoping only that posthumous dreams can be realized somewhere close to the magnitude of the first. This
is why we still exist. That hope, as insignificant as it may seem...

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  1. i like the drunken rant way better. that's why i like you way better than the others. you are one of my favorite people in this world and in this lifetime.

    don't be discouraged, ry. keep believing.