Tuesday, September 6, 2005

The Countdown Begins

One more week of freedom. One more week of fun.
One more week of finding time to message everyone.
One more week of relaxation.
One more week of bliss.
One more week before I have a higher ass to kiss.

Next monday, my NEO starts. That's "New Employee Orientation" if you don't know. I just find it funny that I can call it "My NEO". You'd think I was the chosen one or something. But somehow, I know it won't be as glamorous. I mean, they probably won't even teach us any kung-fu! Although if they did, that would be rad.

Still, I've been feeling better this past week. Yesterday was particuarly pleasant in fact. My dad took me down to Guitar Center (http://guitarcenter.com/) to check out some deals on music equipment. He had given me a $50 gift card last Christmas, and I still hadn't used it because I was never quite sure what to get. So we went down there, and he talked me into picking up some cymbals (for drums). After thinking about it, it was quite the perfect idea. Whenever we go up to the studio to jam, I always borrow the "house cymbals" to put on the drum kits they keep there. (The house cymbals are really bad quality ones, mostly throwaways and donations.) So he bought me, with his own money plus the card, a brand new set of Zildjian cymbals... quite close to the same kind Ringo played. They are $750 cymbals together (crash, ride & two hi-hats), but due to the Labor Day sale, and the fact that he paid cash, he was able to grab them for $300. So I'm all excited to try them out on Sunday. Plus, I can use them on my electronic set when I'm able to set that back up.

Another reason yesterday was pleasant was because I received a call from halfway around the world for the first time. Although I didn't want Di to have a huge phone bill, she still called me up and talked for a good three minutes. Eventually she got cut off, but it was great, and quite the experience even though I sounded like a stupid asshole. I told her later that it was so strange because I know her so well, yet I'm not used to hearing her voice. She has a great one too. :) So that was cool.

So this week I'll be sending some more stuff off that sold on ebay, making my calls and taking care of whatever else I can before Monday. I'll keep you updated because I know you're all on the edge of your seats. :P

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