Saturday, September 24, 2005

...And All That Was

Well, the concert was fucking amazing... as I knew it would be. Since Wayne had never been to a concert before, it was the perfect way to introduce him to the experience. NIN is the favorite band of both of us, and I hadn't seen them yet either.

After parking for the show we made our way towards Key Arena (the venue), which basically sits under the Space Needle. As we got to the gates, security was doing something I've never seen before. All men had to enter through the left side doors, and all women through the right. All we know is that it had to do with the way they were searching everyone for weapons. It's funny, I saw Van Halen at this very venue late last year, and there were no searches. Apparantly, Nine Inch Nails fans must be abnormally voilent and uncontrollable. Whatever.

After avoiding entry in order to share a Bacardi 50ml bottle in a nearby restroom, we finally made our way into the arena. A band called Autolux was already playing. They sounded interesting and somewhat instrumental, but their set was pretty much over by the time we found our seats. Enter: Queens Of The Stone Age. These guys were pretty good. Unfortunately, I would have enjoyed their set much more if I was more familiar with their stuff. I do have their album "Songs For The Deaf" and I did recognize a couple of songs I knew, as well as others I should pull up and listen to. It was great to hear "No One Knows" live. I love that song. But really, we went to see our friend Trent. Anyone else just doesn't begin to compare.

The lights soon went down, and one of the best shows I've ever seen then began.

It started with sporadically flashing lights and a layer or two of fog... just enough to see the silhouettes of Trent and the gang as they took their places on stage. It was completely unreal. As if we had recreated the ultimate NIN show on a holodeck, and Trent was playing just for us. We reveled throughout the entire set. And here it was (in order):
  • Pinion
  • Love Is Not Enough
  • Wish
  • Terrible Lie
  • The Line Begins to Blur
  • March Of The Pigs
  • The Frail
  • The Wretched
  • Closer
  • Burn
  • Gave Up
  • Eraser
  • Right Where It Belongs
  • Beside You In Time
  • You Know What You Are
  • Sin
  • Only
  • Not So Pretty Now [NEW]
  • Deep
  • Down In It
  • Hurt
  • The Hand That Feeds
  • Starfuckers, Inc.
  • Head Like A Hole

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