Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gaining Ground

Today I feel somehow like a slightly different person. I like that.

Earlier today, I did something I've never gotten around to doing before. I went and set up a portfolio with an investment firm. I figure now is the time to start building some investments for the future, just in case I actually do live that long. You never know. I've been putting it off all this time; but no longer. Having gone into this week with practically no knowledge whatsoever of investing and accounts, I've learned quite a bit these last couple days. 401's, 403's, IRA's, Roth's, etc... It all was confusing as hell to me, but now I seem to be getting the grasp of it. So now I have a temporary IRA, which will soon be transfered to a Roth account as soon as it clears from my previous employer. Plus, I'll have my other retirement account with my new employer as soon as I start (which should be very soon). To make a long story shorter... now I'll finally be able to start saving some money up for the years to come. I plan to live well.

Also, I posted about eight things on ebay today. lol I've been in the continuous process of downsizing my possesions, downsizing my needs, downsizing my life. I seek a more Jedi-like existance. But obviously, I'll be keeping the stuff I actually use... like my computer. lol I mean, I'm not crazy!

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