Thursday, August 11, 2005

Happily Pissed

The people at the old apartment complex are still trying to charge us for basically trashing our unit as we moved out. At least according to their trusty paperwork, that's what we did. In reality, Geoff, Amber, myself, my mom and our grandma all put effort and time into cleaning the entire place spotless. Jennifer even came over and steam-cleaned all the carpet. It took us the majority of a Saturday just to do that. But nothing. No acknowlegement of anything. They said everything was dirty and "not to their standards". I am completely pissed.

Geoff and I have both been calling up these people trying to find out why we're being raped over this, and nobody really wants to talk to us about it. They either refer us to someone else or listen to us, not really believing anything we say. It's an incredibly frustrating situation, especially since we have no say in anything. If we don't pay the amount they're asking, they'll just send us to collections and ruin our good rental history. Boy, I sure wish people would get over the money thing already. I'm not sure when it became the most important thing in the world... even more important than how we treat each other.

Anyway, I'd really like to cut the legs off of these fuckers. But if I did that, I might be contradicting myself, wouldn't I? So I decided that I won't. For now.

The good news:

I got a new package from Amazon today! What was in the grab box this time??

  • The Naked Gun Trilogy DVD box-set
  • A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles (a classic album!)
Plus, despite the old apartment stuff, I feel good tonight. Looking forward to finishing my job (last day is tomorrow). I already have an interview first thing Monday morning, and another lined up soon; I just need to get ahold of the lady to schedule it. So it's looking like finding something new shouldn't be tough at all. And I'll likely be able to save a lot of time traveling and a lot of gas money. Money I could much better use on illegal firecrackers to blow those fucks' legs off.


........okay finding a happy place. Doin' the happy dance. Doin' the happy dance....

Okay, I'm better now. :)

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