Sunday, February 26, 2006

Atypical Content

Yes, I do realize my posts tend to be saturated in dismay and disappointment. And while I'm not going to apologize for it and begin writing phony and insincere material, I do think it's a good idea to mix things up a bit. Variety is a dear friend. It keeps things interesting. In this case, at least for me...

So inspired by a friend, here is a list of things I'm very happy and/or excited about recently:

  • Plans are in the early stages to get a new roommate in a few short months. Nothing against my current one (she's a great roommate), but a new situation was recently made available to me. A friend, whom I've not gotten much of a chance to get to know yet but feel we have much in common, is struggling back home and is considering a move out this way. I can think of so many ways how rooming together would be the perfect situation for both of us. I truly believe we can help each other out in my ways. As far as when this move might happen... we don't know yet. It depends on a few things. But I do know it won't be any later than August. That's the very longest we'd possibly have to wait. So I'm really excited to see how those plans develop.
  • I went out again last night and limited myself to a couple drinks. My justification for going there is now the desire to share some great music on the digital jukebox. In admitedly elitist fashion, I find myself sometimes feeling sorry for the average bar mate. Most of them seem so musically unaware and deprived... I have quietly stepped up and taken this task under my wing. And after being asked many questions about the songs blasting through the speakers ("Who is this?", "What's this one called? I like it.", etc), it seems all the more apparant to me that it needs to be done. People will fall in love with music again...
  • I also passed up having a smoke with a couple of the bar locals. I admit, I've smoked a couple times with them, but just for the record, I've never had a sober smoke. And I insist that I will not let it become an addiction. (I quietly believe that addiction and lack of self-control is for the weak-minded). But I passed it up last night on the mere reaffirmation that it's just fucking disgusting. The smell lingers and stains your clothes. It's so rank. Plus, cigarette smoke gives me a terrible headache anyway. Sure, I'll still have an ocassional smoke now and then... just not with cigarettes anymore. I'm placing this on the list here only because it's one of those rare conclusions I've come to. Damn, that "jump to conclusions mat" turned out to be a really good purchase after all.
  • I recently ordered (and received) The Beatles' "White Album". I've been meaning to pick it up for the longest time because many of my favorite Beatles tunes are on it: I Will, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Helter Skelter, Julia, Blackbird, Dear Prudence, Mother Nature's Son, etc. (It's a double-disc album, if you don't know.) I've been on a real Beatles kick lately. I just watched their film Help! again yesterday, and a new bumper sticker is on its way to my mailbox. It will go right next to the NIN sticker on my car. :)
  • I've been playing my guitar a bit more than usual lately. My hands only continue to improve in coordination and speed. Sometimes I can't believe I'm even playing what I hear my guitar spit out. It's very inspiring to realize you're making progress in something you've always wanted to improve.
  • Also, for the first time in awhile, I feel like I'm making progress with my finances. After receiving my tax refund, I dumped off $400 of it into my Roth IRA. So that puts me at about $2500 in there so far. I know it's not much, but I basically just started. And I've decided to shoot for having a minimum of $4000 in there by the end of the year. Baby steps.
  • I may not overly enjoy my job, but I do love the fact that I get to listen to music for most of the day. My entire morning consists basically of three or four albums that I listen to straight through. Because of this, I feel I'm becoming much more familiar with the music I've been discovering and digging. For instance, I've been listening to my two Zero 7 albums extensively. They are most excellent, and so I now consider Zero 7 to be among my favorite bands/artists. I love that mellow, bittersweet, jazz-inspired, groove-heavy stuff. :) I'm going to try and track down all of their other releases if I can...
  • Next Saturday, I'm going to see Ben Folds downtown. I'm really looking forward to that! It'll be my second concert of the year (preceded only by the Coldplay/Fiona Apple show in late January). So far, it's been the year of some entertaining piano work, baby. Oh yeah.

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