Sunday, February 26, 2006

Vehemence (Chapter 3)

Okay people, just to let you know, this month is pronouced Feb-RU-ary! NOT Feb-U-ary. It bugs the shit out of me when you either say it incorrectly or fail to spell it the way it should be spelled. And whenever I hear someone say it the wrong way, let's just say their true intellect is briefly exposed. (And the same thing goes for the spelling of Wed-NES-day. How hard is it really?!) Pop open a fucking dictionary sometime.

And while I'm on the subject of stupid shit coming out of peoples' mouths, are we about done with the phrase "talking smack"? It's such a dumbass saying. I don't understand why the hell it became so popular in the first place. Whenever I hear the term "smack", when not referring to a mildly violent hit, I always think of a stupid degenerate frog trying to sell me nasty-ass cereal.

...And what the fuck is up with the term "come with"? As in, "Hey, we're all going to the party. You should come with." This also sounds incredibly stupid. I'm always waiting for the moron to finish their sentence. Come with........ you? Someone else? Who exactly? Who am I "coming with"?? How difficult is it really to throw a "me" at the end of the sentence to make it complete and much less confusing? A two-letter word people, I think we can make the effort. It won't really put you out that much will it? Quit being fucking lazy. And start making more sense.

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