Thursday, February 16, 2006


How sad it can be
so sad, yet so true
that i sleep alone
in a bed made for two

tossing and turning
with no hope for peace
while dreaming of pleasure,
content and release

you say there is meaning
for people like me
but how would you know
you don't see what i see

and until you do
you can never quite know
why the torture inside us
continues to grow

of course there are moments
when life is more fair
but those very times
seem frustratingly rare

but still i foresee
that our lives will begin
as soon as we harness
the joy from within


  1. wow...i like...i like...

    *nodding with approval*

  2. good. always keep your hopes up. no matter what.

    have an astonishing weekend, honey bun.