Friday, February 24, 2006

Jigsaw (Intoxication Remix)

I'm not sure whether I'm happy or sad. Most likely somewhere in between the two...

Jen and I basically broke up earlier this week. We are on "a break", which to me, seems to mean we're done. Say goodbye to five years of memories. It's a mutual thing, as we think it would be good for both of us for awhile. Basically, she introduced the idea and I agreed with it's validity. Besides, the pressure has been building, and it's apparant we have not been getting along as well as we should. Somehow, we ventured off onto our own paths; drastically different from each other's. And we want different things. What can you do? That's life.

I wish nothing but the best for her, I really do. I want her to find the one thing - whatever or whomever that may be - that makes her truly happy. That's what she deserves. In the meantime, we will remain casual friends. We will talk occasionally over the phone... perhaps even hang out and watch a movie or two. But no more spending nights together. No more kissing between her shoulder blades before we fall asleep. I cannot mold my body to hers for warmth during the night. Or run my fingertips lightly up and down her back. No more running my hand through her hair as she falls asleep... None of that. And I will miss it. I will miss it greatly.

If only I could find someone who wants to take over the position...

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