Thursday, July 21, 2005

My Better Half

Half of me sees great potential in the human species
the other half sees our world as inevitably doomed

Half of me dreams of heaven and a magical afterlife
the other half dreads the nothingness to follow

Half of me wishes peace and prosperity on the world
the other half knows it can never be completely achieved

Half of me craves a still, quiet life of relaxation
the other half craves variety, excitement and spontaneity

Half of me would love to marry and have a daughter
the other half knows better

Half of me is the happiest person alive
the other half is extremely suicidal

Half of me is a social butterfly
the other half is hiding in the cocoon

Half of me is a charming ladies' man
the other half is oblivious to romantic interest

Half of me thrives on self-confidence
the other half overanalyzes every flaw

Half of me feels love in everything
the other half hardly feels at all

you wonder which is the dominant half?
sometimes i do too

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