Saturday, July 9, 2005

Bad movie concepts

  • A schizophrenic man struggles to contain his alter-ego who's trying to break free and wreak havoc among society, while simultaneously training to become the reigning chess champion of his small midwestern college. Title: Chess Club
  • Three toddlers (two girls, one boy) caught in a backstabbing love traingle. Feelings are hurt, toys and hearts are broken in this seductive thriller. Title: The Sandbox
  • Detroit's toughest cop (LL Cool J) teams up with an ex-convict (DMX) to break out of a bingo-night-gone-wrong at the local senior citizen care center. Things heat up when the disgruntled geriatrics discover their jello to be lime flavored instead of the preferred cherry. Chaos ensues. Lives are lost. Walkers are shattered. Watch for cameos by Ja Rule, Usher and Ernest Borgnine. (Yet untitled)
  • Two extremely talented and beautiful young singers duke it out to see who can impress karaoke audiences the most during a nationwide roadtrip. Along the way, realizing they are really in love with each other. A heartwrenching drama about being torn between those two things which ultimately matter most... love and karaoke. Title: From Kelly Back To Justin
  • This is a biographical film of one of the greatest and most successful women of our time, Oprah Winfrey. We follow her story as she struggles to lose weight while working her way up the media ladder. Watch for the action-packed scenes involving the organization of her bookclub. Title: Oprah
  • A romantic drama involving a gay couple (played by Vin Diesel and Danny Devito) who are told they cannot have kids, but are determined to keep trying anyway. This film is filled with twists and turns as Bruce (Deisel) learns that he actually already has a son (Verne Troyer) but was never told by his first husband. (Yet untitled)
  • This romance stars Rhys Ifans and Barbara Streisand. It's an inspiring picture showing that even weird-looking people can sometimes find love. Title: The Mirror Has Two Cracks
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his infamous title role of Batman & Robin. We follow his transformation from Gotham City villian to well upstanding hermaphrodite librarian. Watch as he struggles to help library-goers escape a deadly fire without his freeze gun. Title: Adventures Of Mr. Freeze
  • Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie return to their roles from the 2005 action/spy hit Mr. & Mrs. Smith. This time around, Jane's (Jolie) parents are in town to visit their newly born grandchild, James. Hilarity ensues as the wacky parents get caught in the middle of an important hit for John (Pitt). The plot twists never stop coming as we later find out that Jane's father (played wonderfully by Elliot Gould) is in the CIA himself, and was sent in to keep an eye on John. Title: Meet The Johnsons
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme teams up with Rob Schneider in this buddy-cop adventure. After losing his wife and daughter in a freak refrigerator accident, Ray Tortino (Van Damme) is a cop on the edge. His only chance to find the appliance repair man who ruined his life is in top-rookie forensics investigator, and new partner, Steven Bloyer (Schneider). A heartwrenching yet sidesplitting film about finding hope (and a friend) where you least expect it. (Yet untitled)
  • This film stars Ice Cube in a leading role...

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