Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Jungle

so many choices
so many ways
if fate were a forest
i would lose my way among the shadows
the manipulating light dances with fury
a tease of hope
I feel you pumping through my veins
yet still i cannot find my core
i resonate full of you
my mind sees a different truth
will these lonely blades of dark green
tower over me forever
can they invite me to the sacred meadow
if i speak up, will nature ban me from its innocence
i have no desire for confliction
i have no need for my dismay
it has expired its use as an empty shell
the discomfort lingers on
the unease penetrates my mind
many possible paths loom in the moonlight
yet i can see only one
it leads me to a place unknown
a place untouched by the thoughts of men
abandoned by reason and tranquility
it is here i reside
here i remain
and it is here i will prevail


  1. Where have you been? I miss you. Come back!!

  2. you lost em?
    why don't you try looking in the ghetto area. god knows he might be there.