Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fortune For Me

I had some chinese food tonight. Here's what my fortune cookie told me:

"A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon."

All I want to know is... which store??


  1. you believe in fortune cookie?

  2. You know, I like to think I do. What a wonderful feeling it must be to read a peek into your future. As if you were given this precious information by the heavens. And it's always stuff you want to hear too. You never hear stuff like, "You will lose your right testicle in a freak washing machine accident." It's always the good stuff. It gives me a sense of hope, however false it may be. It still feels good.

    ...plus I usually read them after stuffing myself with yummy food. :)

  3. so the pleasant surprise is already IN your tummy..

  4. Interesting...... that thought didn't even occur to me. :)

  5. so much for the cookie that's supposed to bring fortune..

    so tell me when you experience a pleasant surprise, ok? then i would believe.