Wednesday, February 16, 2005


And so it seems you left me here
with nothing to my name
our road was long; so comfortable
abandoned just the same

i strain to find the feeling
that i once kept full of you
it reaches down so far and deep
i don't know what to do

can life appear so marvelous
as it had once in the past
when the seasons of happiness
were rushing in so fast

it blows my mind to comprehend
the fantasy of high
to know a love that makes me smile
to take a breath and sigh

with steadiness and comfort
i would realize my dreams
i'd grab the stars and bend the light
to fly among the beams

i see you every night and day
but you cannot see me
instead you see delusions
of the thing i wish to be


  1. simply wonderful, by the way...
    i kinda miss you're writing beautiful poems like this one.