Sunday, February 20, 2005

Full Circle

Tick tock, we're counting down
it's time to celebrate
why do we rush to lift our drinks
this world is full of hate


.... why does it seem to be that for reasons yet unknown, life is unfair? Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl likes boy, but still loves her former ex-boy. Boy desperately wants to hold girl and make her happy. Girl calls boy a "freak" and goes to the mall to buy new shoes to impress ex-boy with. Like he gives a shit about shoes...

Isn't it funny, how the world works? Some people eat their pets to stay alive. Others throw a fit when their $80 meal came with the wrong brand of wine. Some people work three jobs just to keep their kid in school. Others have a room full of classic cars and motorcycles. Some turn down five potential lovers each night. Others wait a lifetime without knowing a touch of foreign skin. Some laugh at the world because it's all they have. Others cry with the world... because it's all they have as well.


Somewhere right now...

  • There is an elderly man who misses his wife who died last year.
  • There is a woman holding the body of her five-year-old child who just got hit by a car.
  • A woman doesn't know she just passed her "soulmate" on the street.
  • A mother and father are getting divorced over a silly argument, while a young child blames himself.
  • An amazing two-year old cat is being put to death because nobody wants her.
  • Cows are lining up to get their throats slit.
  • A man just ate his final 'deluxe' cheeseburger.
  • A baby was just born to a smoking mother. It will have serious health problems for the rest of its life.
  • A woman is being violently raped.
  • A young boy just found a gun in his father's closet.
  • An innocent man is being executed.
  • A young boy is being beaten because his father drinks too much.
  • Cancer just claimed some new vicitims.
  • So did AIDS.
  • A constantly bullied child is planning the "ultimate" revenge.
  • A teenage girl just swallowed a bottle full of sleeping pills because she's in love with the wrong person.
  • Someone is taking their last breath while gripping their lover's hand.
  • A man just lost his job because he's not in the company budget anymore.
  • Someone is being beaten to death for their beliefs.
  • A new type of weapon is being developed.
  • A star is going "supernova", destroying everything within its reach.
  • A family is disowning their son because he is gay.
  • A tree is being torn down because it's "in the way".
  • People are being bought and sold.

Somewhere right now... one more person has had enough.

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