Tuesday, June 5, 2007


06/02/2007 - The Gorge Ampitheater @ George, WA

Malia flew in from Oahu a couple days earlier to go to the concert with me. She had never been to Seattle, much less a live Mayer show (it was my sixth time seeing him). Needless to say, we both had an excellent time!

The show opened with Rocco DeLuca. Honestly, I didn't get a chance to listen much since I was busy getting food, water and a JM tour shirt at the time.
About an hour later Ben Folds began his set. I had the opportunity to see Ben for the first time back on 03/04/2006, and both have been entertaining shows. His setlist this time went like this (as noted by someone else):
  • Gone
  • Bastard
  • All You Can Eat
  • Still Fighting It
  • Jesusland
  • I've Got You To Thank
  • Landed
  • Bitches Ain't Shit (Ben's classic tribute to Dr. Dre)
  • Narcolepsy
  • Such Great Heights (a great cover of The Postal Service)
  • Kate
  • Not The Same
It should also be noted that about halfway through his set, Ben explained how he intended to experiment with the Gorge's sound system to see if he can hit the right note to make everyone in the audience lose bowel control. He continued to explain how the right note played with the right power behind it will "make you shit your pants". (This phenomenon is also often referred to as "the brown note"). It was quite amusing, as he usually is.
As the sky grew dark, John began his great set:
  • Waiting On The World To Change
  • Belief
  • No Such Thing
  • I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
  • Good Love Is On The Way
  • Dreaming With A Broken Heart
  • I Don't Need No Doctor (during which he threw in the lyrical chorus of Sting's "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free")
  • The Heart Of Life
  • Vultures
  • Bigger Than My Body
  • Gravity
  • 3x5 (Acoustic)
  • Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (Acoustic)
  • Stop This Train (Acoustic)
  • Why Georgia
As it always seems to happen to me, some stupid people decided to stand up directly in front of me, blocking my view of the stage. So after a few songs I had to yell at them to sit down. I called them "fuckers" too, but apparently they still didn't hear me. They finally got the hint later when others also began yelling at them. And speaking of which, Malia and I very nearly witnessed a fight between the people next to us and some other selfish people who were blocking their view. Words were exchanged, water bottles were thrown and venue security members were involved. But the show went on and we tried not to let it distract us too much.
John played an amazing set! It even gave the 07/11/2004 White River show a run for its money as the best Mayer performance I've been to yet.
Many thanks to Malia again for going with me! It was an amazing experience that topped off a long-overdue getaway weekend for both of us. And I'm so looking forward to doing it again sometime. (Preferably soon...)

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