Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Story Hour

Yes, I do realize that many of my posts tend to be "negative". I don't deny this. I am merely typing out words reflective of the random thoughts in my head. But contrary to popular belief, I can actually post uplifting entries now and then as well. So for all you who have been waiting for a "happier" entry, this one's for you...


Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Josh. Josh was a nice boy with stars in his eyes and Downy-fresh pillows in his heart. His heart was so Downy-fresh in fact, he would often dream of playing in flowery fields with Snuggles, that cute little bear from the Downy commercials. And as the violet sunset spread across the horizon, Josh and Snuggles would go get ice cream cones and sit along their favorite bridge, watching all the happy little froggies leaping around in unison and sharing their young innocent dreams with each other.

On one particular day, Josh would make a difference in the world. A difference he would never be aware of...

Josh woke up and got out of bed. He got dressed, made a pee-pee and went downstairs for breakfast. Today he would have his favorite cereal, Lucky Charms. He always loved Lucky Charms. Especially the colored marshmallows and the little irishman that talked real funny. Once again, he ate all of the soggy gross pieces first, while saving all the yummy marshmallow bits in a big rainbow-smeared pile for the last few bites. After breakfast, Josh went outside to play with his friend Tony. They were too young for school, so they had all day to play outside like kids should.

Tony was a sweet young boy himself, about Josh's age and size. He too, often had clouds in his eyes and sugary gumdrops on his fingertips. Together, Tony and Josh were poster-children for innocence.

The two boys headed out to the park just down the road from their homes. Once there, they began to play a game of freeze tag with some other kids. Not far into the game, Josh pointed to a box sitting in the park grass. They walked cautiously up to the box to discover five baby kittens inside... all different colors... all looking precious as ever with their big eyes and furry little bodies. Josh immediately whipped out his cell phone and called his friend, Ronald McDonald. Not long after, Ronald showed up to the park with happy meals for everyone and carefully picked up the box of kittens. Before leaving to find good homes for them, he grinned and waved to the kids, then fingered a big huge "M" in the air and blew them kisses. It was obvious the kitties would be safe now.

After a few hours of playing freeze tag, Josh and Tony decided to walk home to get some lunch. On their way, they encountered a mailman with a bag full of letters. The boys excitedly ran up to the mailman, Mr. Cliff, and asked him if they could help him open all the letters. Mr. Cliff agreed, and they all sat down in the sun and began to open letters. Many of these letters, neither Tony nor Josh understood... like all of the letters from "Big Ron" addressed to Richard Marx. Neither of them knew what they were all about.

"Mr. Cliff, what's a 'rimjob'?", Tony asked while reading one of the letters.
"Well Tony, it's kind of like a frisbee I guess. Only way more fun.", replied Mr. Cliff.

After opening all the letters, the boys thanked the mailman for letting them help and headed back home. On their way, they looked up to the sky to see pretty birds flying in formation like tiny little Top Gun jets. This made them both smile. Upon reaching Tony's place, the boys said their goodbyes and talked about meeting the next day at the park again.

Josh went home. It was getting late by this point so he went upstairs to the bathroom, stood up on the usual crate so he could reach the sink to brush his teeth like the grownups do, and made a final pee-pee. His mother, with her soft hands and silky fresh hair, tucked him into bed and read him a nighttime story. Something about Johnny Depp and Sting in tight spandex wrestling on a beach. It must have been another one of those "pirate stories" that his mom liked so much.

As Josh was finally beginning to get sleepy, he said to his mother...

"Mommy, I just want you to know that I love you. I love you a lot! And I love daddy too. And daddy's new girlfriend too! She's pretty. I love Tony too. He's my bestest friend. I love everybody. This world is great and I'm so happy to be here, mommy. I love my life. Can we get some ice cream tomorrow?"

Before Josh's mother could reply, he had nodded off and fallen asleep. She sat there with a tear in her eye, thankful for the boy with the golden heart laying in front of her. If it were not for this boy, surely she would have killed herself years ago.

It had been a very long time since she had seen the world from a child's point of view. And she never realized just how much she missed it until that moment. She made her way downstairs, and began seeing the world from a different perspective from that day forward.

Although she never believed she could be, she is happy now.

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  1. Love this one! You're really talented, like I always say.