Thursday, December 7, 2006

Christmas Time Is Here Again

I'm happy to see the Holiday season upon us once more. Finally, in this difficult year, things are starting to look up. I am getting quite excited about pinning a 2007 calendar on my wall, and I will not be missing 2006 one bit. I plan to look forward. "Don't look back, you should never look back."

Since the arrival of December things have become seemingly nicer, and it's really refreshing. The other day I received a box in the mail from Amazon. The box contained three neatly wrapped green packages with fancy little ribbons and personalized messages on each one. Inside those, I found three DVDs that happen to be on my infamous "wish list":
  1. Airplane II: The Sequel - The second installment of the hilarious "Airplane!" series that I love so much and to this point have only had on VHS.
  2. TMNT: Vol. 5 - The most recent volume of old-school Ninja Turtle cartoon action that I've really been wanting to pick up. And last but not least...
  3. Field Of Dreams (Anniversary Edition) - Easily the greatest movie out there that I somehow never managed to own. One of my all-time favorites and a true classic!

I can't wait to watch them all, and they will make lovely additions to my library of yummy goodness. So if you're reading this, Dian.... thank you SO much and you rock hardcore!! I love them! : D

I'm looking forward to see what the next few weeks have in store for me. I will be flying over to Spokane to spend Christmas Eve with my parents (they live there). And hopefully, I'll be able to go out for New Year's Eve this year, unlike the last couple when I ended up feeling like crap for one reason or another. Either way, 2007 is coming. And I plan to make it a very good year...

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  1. Hey, anything for you, babylicious.