Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What I Am

what it seems is that my dream
and life can never be a team

what i plot is what i'm not
and what i need, i haven't got

what i find inside my mind
are painful thoughts of every kind

what i see can never be
my tangible reality

what i hear will not appear
and make me all the while secure

what i drink, i like to think
will spray away my putrid stink

what i smoke, and being broke
won't free me from this awful joke

when i cry i know that i
will not feel joy before i die

what i am is not the man
who lived inside my perfect plan

what i know has yet to show
now i have nowhere else to go

when i'm gone you'll all go on
and ride your sunlight into dawn

1 comment:

  1. No one in this world can ever be perfect anyway. You, sweetie, just need to be in control of your life. Don't ever let anything or anyone get in the way between you and your happiness.

    You are perfect the way you are. I wouldn't change a thing.