Friday, November 3, 2006

Yeah, man!

As you may know, I've been watching a lot of "LOST" lately. I love that show! It is freakylicious. Absolutely freakylicious.

Those "cheesy gordita crunch"s from Taco Bell... those are slurpin' freakylicious! Two of them fill me up and they're only like a dollar and some shit each. Yummy.

The Beatles. They were freakylicious in their day too. And I don't care what any of you fuckers say, I think Ringo is cool as hell.

The sitcom "Wings". Freakylicious.

Daft Punk. Freakylicious.

Kelis. Her shit is quite freakylicious.

And 'The Fifth Element'. I still can't get over the amount of freakylicism in that damn film. It kicks ass!

Christmas is coming up, I'm so excited. 'Tis the season to be full of freakyliciousity. Buy lots of presents for your loved ones right now! If you don't, Santa will bring you a bag of poop this holiday season because you're such a fucker.

The Ninja Turtles. They are highly freakylicious. And it's kinda funny that I never realized how hot April actually was. I mean, I grew up with that freakin' cartoon!

Video games, oh yeah. Totally freakylicious. Especially the old school stuff.

Las Vegas. Always freakylicious!

Computers that work. Freakylicious.

Getting paid. Freakylicious.

Jack & Cokes. Freakylicious.

Rush Limbaugh. .... .... ... Dude, that guy's a fucking douche.

But chinese food... Chinese food is pretty damn freakylicious!

And so is Esthero! (Look her up if you have to)

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  1. You are quite freakylicious yourself, tomatohead.