Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Maddening Shroud

It's kind of funny how I never cease to amaze myself...

Reaching far out for the seemingly unattainable
Underestimating myself time and time again
Never stopping to realize that I am just not right in this place

Depression, frustration, loneliness, repression...
Everything bad that one can expect in life
Everything but the good I still strive for
Pessimism, hopelessness, ignorance and isolation
Enter now through the gates of my existance
Real or fake? True or false? Good or bad?

These lines are blurred many times over
Has the world decided to play a universal prank on me?
Are the steady laughs intentionally dispensed in my direction...
Never allowing me an inside glimpse at the punchline?

You say that Karma is a universal constant
Our little way of justifying the randomness we all unknowingly share
Unforgiving energy from the Heavens, cloaked in benevolence

Keep to the true and sincere path
No cheating allowed; you must not stray
Or you will pay a handsome price
Why must existance be so difficult?

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