Saturday, June 24, 2006


So I'm out at one of my usual spots tonight. It's a Friday night, roughly 11pm... and it's a complete sausage-fest. I mean, wall-to-wall guys. What the fuck?! Do available women still exist? Or are they all married or gay by now? I swear, the male-to-female ratio had to be about 10:1 tonight. And these are my options:

1. I approach a girl. Automatically I am just like every other guy in the room. Therefore, any unique quality I might appear to have had is written off. I become desperate in her eyes. Just one more guy thinking with the wrong head. This choice would get me nowhere.

2. I do not approach anyone. (This is my usual preference). This move never shows me as "desperate", while saving the possibility of uniqueness. However, this option also gives outside parties the assumption that I am pathetic and lonely, regardless of my reality. This choice... also gets me nowhere.


Either choice results in me looking pathetic. So honestly, what's the fucking point? I'm too tired to play the girl/boy game. It takes too much out of me and routinely provides nothing in return. If there was anything I was "destined" for, this must be it.

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