Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Mayer Of Simpleton

So I think I'm beginning to understand the reason for my innocent fascination with John Mayer...

I tend to think of him basically as me, but with a dream. He is everything I could have been had I applied myself to something at the early age that he did. And the fact that we're so much alike - outside of the obvious differences - only justifies that feeling. We're both 6'3", white, all-american boys with a genuine passion and love for music. We both grew up playing video games and memorizing the music in them. We love Star Wars. We're both intelligent, quite articulate and have very random and demented senses of humor. Neither of us are extremely hot looking guys, but we're not exactly hideous either. We both claim to have many issues when it comes to women, and don't do as well with them as others probably assume. And though we're two years apart in age, the lyrics in his new songs never fail to magically mirror the events of my own life as I first hear them. In another dimension - another life - we could be the best of friends, perhaps brothers. As corny as that sounds, it's exactly how I feel. And to answer the current question in your head... no. I'm still straight.

But now that I've gotten that off my chest, I might as well also tell you that I continue to play my guitar because of him. Sure I got it before I knew of his music, but it wasn't until I first heard some of his live acoustic stuff that I made a point to pick it up and try to learn. I've never known inspiration on that level before. And I have to say it feels great.

... And I'm getting better every day. It may not be a realistic career choice for me yet, but someday perhaps. You never know...

Life can be funny like that.

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