Monday, May 1, 2006


Well, things are starting to unfold a bit more. The bigger picture is beginning to uncover piece by piece... I don't know exactly what that really means, but just go with it. It sounded kinda deep.

The service, funeral... or whatever the hell you want to call it... will be on Saturday. So I'm going to take a couple days off and drive over to Idaho on Thursday. Wayne (Liz's brother/my very close friend) will meet me over there sometime between that night and early Friday morning. We plan to spend Friday in deep conversations about Liz. We are the two people who were closest to her, so we have a lot to discuss. I'm somehow hoping to find more comfort in knowing that she's gone. And just for the record, Wayne and I also plan to give her our own personal memorial at a later time. I'm thinking in August when he moves over, we'll do that. (For those of you who don't know yet, Liz was going to be my roommate before all of this.) So when August rolls around, we'll do our best to give her a proper send-off. The best way we know how...

In the meantime, I will be back online beginning tonight (though I'll obviously be gone this weekend). For those of you who sent me messages, comments, thoughts, whatever.... I did get them and I'm extremely appriciative of every single one of them. Thank you all, you guys rock! And I will eventually get back to each and every one of you. You just might have to give me a day or two to get caught up with things.

But I'll be around...

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