Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Orphan

Little Tommy was an orphan. Nobody seemed to ever want him.

He was always thought of as more of a burden than the amazing personality he truly was. Such energy he had. His eyes lighting up at the prospect of playing with others. He liked to talk... mostly just because he always had a lot to say (a smart one he was too). His appearance was quite unique, but often guaranteed adopting families to pass him by in favor of the others. No one ever knew his real mother, or where he came from. He was simply young and alone.

There was this family that did once take him home, but they did not treat him well. They never played with him, or spent time with him. Or fixed him up a comfortable bed. They even neglected to feed him most of the time. And he still felt alone. In fact, then more than ever. That same family eventually returned him to the orphanage because he cried too much. They found it annoying, and decided they just didn't want to keep him anymore. So back he went to the only true home he ever had.

Upon his return, he found that some of his closest pals at the orphanage were gone. Some of them found new homes. Some of them had died. He also came to know some new faces. Some of them even younger than himself. As he observed his friends come and go, he always hoped the best for them, he really did. Because by that point, Tommy had known his own fate...

Little Tommy was getting a bit older. The other orphans learned to look up to him. They all knew just how special he was. Unfortunately, no family ever did.

So one day Dr. Martin - along with his assistant, Heather - came to see Tommy. They laid him on a table and comforted him. Heather held him down and gently stroked his head to help keep him calm. This is when the good doctor injected an unknown substance into him... This was Tommy's last memory.

Little Tommy was dead. They took his body and threw it in a giant freezer. It would remain there until the freezer was full of bodies of other orphans nobody wanted. Then they would eventually be moved to a crematorium to be disposed of.

Yes, Tommy was just a kitten. And his tale is all too common. In fact, this kind of thing happens thousands of times every single day!

This is the world I live in... and so do you.

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