Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Numb Me, Drill Me, Floss Me, Bill Me

So I got back from the dentist tonight. That chick was assisting again. This time, I managed to find the time to ask her name. It is Marissa. Then, like a stupid asshole, I decided to say "nice to meet you". As if she hadn't already spent last Tuesday sucking saliva out of my mouth (and not in the preferable way).

So as they were finishing up the job, the [female] dentist kept telling me how "beautiful" my teeth are, and how she wishes hers were as nice (and Marissa concurred). Fade to black.

I arrived home, still thinking about how stupid I am for not trying to find more of a chance to talk to her in private. So I came up with an idea, and this is what went down:

I dialed the number on my appointment card and asked to speak with "Marissa". She answered...

[Me] "Hey Marissa, this is Ryan. I was just in there."
[Her] "Oh, hi! What's up?"
[Me] "Well, first of all, sorry for bothering you."
[Her] "Oh, it's no problem."
[Me] "Actually, I wanted to ask if you'd be interested in getting drinks with me sometime. ... I didn't want to embarrass you in front of your co-workers."
[Her] "Wow, thank you! I'm really flattered, but actually I'm married."
[Me] "Yeah. I assumed that right away, but figured it was worth asking anyway."
[Her] *giggle* "Yeah, sorry. I don't think my husband would like that very much."
[Me] "Yeah, I'm thinking he probably wouldn't." *chuckle* "But I really like your eyes, just for the record."
[Her] "Thank you! I like your eyes too. You have beautiful eyes. And great lashes too."
[Me] *silently but heavily grinning* "Thanks!"
[Her] "I do have some single friends though. I'll keep you in mind if you want me to hook you up with them or something."
[Me] *stupefied* "........ ....... OKAY!"
[Her] "Well thanks again, I'm really flattered! I guess I'll see you when you come in next, okay?"
[Me] "Alright, sounds good. I'll see you later."

...and so that's basically how it went (as close as I can remember). And the odd thing is, I feel pretty damn good about it. Most women I'm interested in turn out to be married already, so I went in assuming that was the case. And it was. But I never expected her to say those things about me. And it made me feel really good. And the conversation was so... friendly... and sincere. I got a sense of connection there. As if we might turn out to be friends, and perhaps she will even try to set me up with one of her friends... you never know. But in the meantime, I'll just do what I do and see what happens. I just feel better knowing I pushed myself through the experience. I may not have a date with her, but I'm that much more confident now.


  1. Go Team You!

    Additionally, was she wearing a ring? That's, like, the first thing I notice (or look for) on attractive other people.

  2. Unfortunately, I never think quickly enough to look for rings. Usually because all the blood leaves my brain I guess...

  3. lmao @ the blood loss comment...

    but THAT my friend...was freakin awesome ry...i wish i had "beautiful" teeth like you...AND your confidence...