Friday, March 31, 2006

A Fortune Cookie State Of Mind

"You will soon receive an unexpected surprise."

Well, that "soon" became tonight. A long lost friend, Ross, contacted me through myspace wondering if I was in fact his lost childhood friend.

Growing up, we were basically "best" friends. His family moved away in the middle of sixth grade, and I never heard from him again (with the exception of a couple phone calls the following year). I've always wondered about him. Where he ended up, what he does, what he's interested in... all that stuff. And I've even searched many times online for any contact information I could find. But I could never find anything. And out of the blue, fifteen years later, he contacts me... and we find out we've been living no more than 25 miles away from each other.

This happened a few short hours ago, so obviously we haven't had much of a chance to catch up or anything yet. We've only sent a few replies back and forth. But we're both excited about getting together over drinks and "shooting the shit" (as the kids would say). So far, we seem to have a lot in common, just like we always did. I find that actually kind of eerie in a way, since it's been so long. More on all that later...

But the bottom line is this... I am very happy tonight. I feel as if another lost piece of the puzzle has been located and set back into place. And although I've been sick the last few days and missed some work, hearing from Ross again has somehow made my week a great one. Now, I can't go out tonight at all because I'm still recovering, but I'm hoping maybe tomorrow night he and I can meet up. Two friends reunited.


  1. That's awesome. All of the childhood friends that I've found on myspace are still oddly living where they "moved away to" back then.

  2. i have one friend that i think about all the time who i still haven't day maybe...glad you found ross...that myspace is an awesome thing...waaaay better than tickle...