Sunday, March 26, 2006

Higher Ground

As unexpected as it may seem, I'm actually feeling pretty good tonight! Not bad for a Sunday...

Today I went shopping for some new clothes. Now just to clarify, I am what society would refer to as "severely fashion impaired". But even I knew I was about due to get some new clothes for work (and for casual too, for that matter). I don't even recall the last time I bought new clothes. Years I suppose. Although I ended up just getting shirts this time, I got some cool ones. And I'm going to go in a couple weeks and get some new shoes and pants. Oh, I also got a haircut this weekend. I feel much better.

Last Thursday, I went on a date with what seems to be a great girl. We got some drinks and talked about everything. I think we hit it off pretty well. Looking forward to going out with her a second time.

Heading into the new week with some newly found optimism...

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  1. I hate to ruin your inferiority, but most guys are "severely fashion impaired".