Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ryan Bollman, 26

If I were to die tomorrow, what would my obituary say? This is a question that haunts me.

While scanning through any generic obituaries section of a newspaper, I often find phrases like "served in Vietnam for two years", "coached little league", "lived in Europe for a year", "volunteered as an aid-worker", "studied hard and earned a phD", "played a few years in the minor leagues", "started her own successful business", "married his high school sweetheart"... and the list goes on and on. I take these all in and can't help wondering what someone would possibly find interesting to write about me. I haven't done a thing with my life. Now perhaps I don't truly believe that, but one thing is for sure... in the world's eyes I am irrelevant. A mouse among the great everyday men and women. Hiding in the shadows searching frantically for my piece of cheese.

After torturing myself with these thoughts, I soon realize that, unlike these people, I am not dead yet. I'm still here. I still have time. And maybe, just maybe... my most interesting endeavors just haven't been written yet.


  1. Ryan Bollman
    Born:past Died:future

    He did it with your mom.

  2. For me I think it would be "had a job".