Saturday, June 18, 2005


The date went well. Everything was smooth. We went to this nice place, called The Rock Bottom, and we each got a drink, and split an appetizer. Then we followed that up with another drink each and dessert. We talked and laughed about a lot of things, including movies and music. It was nice. After a couple hours, we decided to go catch a movie at the theaters right near the bar. We talked about going to see Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith, because she hasn't seen it yet. Unfortunately, it had already started a good twenty minutes earlier, so then it was between Batman Begins and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Since neither of us are really Batman fans, we both agreed on the latter.

It was an interesting movie. A bit funnier than I was expecting, but not necessarily a spectacular film by any means. It still has a bit of everything: action, romance, comedy, shit blowing up, etc. And of course, let's not omit the obvious scheme of the whole movie, "I have an idea, let's get the two sexiest actors we can find.... hmmm, how about Angelina Jolie.... and... Brad Pitt. Then, let's make them ..... spies! People like spies. Besides, that will give them a good excuse to shoot people with guns. People like guns. What's that? A plot? Oh, it's not a big deal... we'll just throw some scenes in there where they're both half-naked. People will love it."

After the movie, around 1:00am, we walked outside into the middle of a rainstorm. With no umbrella, or even coats for that matter, we quickly walked the few blocks back to the parking garage. It was there we said our goodbyes and she hugged me. Me being somewhat socially impotent, I always handle goodbyes horribly and with as much awkwardness as possible. But struggling through this one, I hung in there. She told me to call her soon so we could get together again. I told her I definitely would and we went our seperate ways. It wasn't until almost 2:00am that I finally got home. Still soaked from the rain, I cleaned up, changed and quickly fell asleep. I had a lot of fun, but I paid for it the next day at work.


On about five hours of sleep, I was completely tired all day Friday. Work is still stressful, as our new help will be gone all next week, which of course means everthing will be on my shoulders once more. I left a message with my boss once more asking what she found out about the proposed raise. Haven't heard anything yet...

Friday night I went to dinner at my parents' to meet up with Rob and his family. We talked games a bit like we always used to do. We agreed that we should both pick up an X-Box 360 when they come out, so we can play together online like we always wanted to do. We all played a board game called Cranium. It's a fun game that I had never played before, so that was very fun. It was great to see him (and his family) again, and kind of refreshing. The only downside of the night was that I didn't get home until 12:30am - too late for Jen to come over. By that point, I was so tired I couldn't even work on my computer projects long before starting to nod off, so I just went to bed.


Today so far, I ran some errands... went to the bank, got gas, grabbed a few things at the store, mailed off some checks... and stopped by the new apartment to check it out, pay the rent, pick up the keys and sign all the papers. I have to say I'm a bit concerned with the size of "my" room. I have been under the impression that both rooms are about the same size, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Earlier, after discussions about different things, I told Keeley she could just have the bedroom with the connected bathroom that she wanted (even though I really wanted it too). She mentioned that she was getting a dog (which I'm also very concerned about), and that it would be easier "poop-training" (as I call it) the dog with a connected bathroom. Not wanting to make a scene out of it, I just told her it's no big deal and I'll take the other room. So now, my room seems almost half the size of the other. My bathroom is fine... also about half the size of the other, but still bigger than the one I have right now. On top of everything else, I kept hearing a rooster crowing. Yes, that's right. A fucking rooster. I don't believe I've ever had such a mix of relief with concern...

Tonight at 6:00pm, I'll be meeting my dad to have a chinese dinner with my grandparents and my aunt & uncle... all of whom I hardly ever see. They're all super religious (except for my dad) so I always feel a little awkward around that side of the family. I don't really have much in common with them, so I usually just try to tone down my vocabulary and spend most of my time listening instead of talking.

Something you will NOT hear me say tonight: "Hey Gramps, can you pass me the fuckin' rice? I asked Grandma earlier, but the beotch didn't hear me. Mmmm. Thanks... this damn fucking fried rice is good as shit!".

... And after dinner, I'll be going over to stay over at Jen's.

*Insignificant side note*:
While I was at Safeway, I found some TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) fruit snacks! Of course I wasn't going to pass those bad boys up, so I bought the 20-pack box. They're yummy!

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