Sunday, June 12, 2005

So Much Sacred

It's about that time again. Time for another lengthy rambling. I know you people like reading these just about as much as I like having to write them. :P

It looks like I will be moving into my new apartment next weekend (on the 18th). At least, that will be when I get the keys, though I may not actually move my bed until the following weekend. The apartments are in Covington, Washington, which is not far at all from Maple Valley (where I'm living now). If you're interested, check out this link for more information:

I've been browsing online for a couple weeks looking for roommates, and it seems I found one that should work out pretty well. Her name is Keeley, and she's 19. She and I seem to have quite a bit in common, including the whole cleanliness factor (which of course is very important). I'll relay more information about this situation as I get it...

...I just got back from the studio a couple hours ago. My dad and I practiced for almost four hours. He keeps telling me how he honestly thinks I'm the best singer he has sang with, and he's sang with a LOT of different people. It's encouraging because I haven't even had much singing experience, but then again he's my dad... what else is he going to say? I suck? Though I will admit that when we sing harmonies on Beatles stuff, we do nail them pretty well. We plan on doing some recording soon. We had tried it a few weeks ago, but there were a few technical problems. This will also be updated as more develops...

And on a more personal note, I've been feeling somewhat strange lately. Some days I'm stressed out, some days I'm depressed, some days I feel content, and other days I'm sedated. It's an odd combination of all these things in an unpredictable pattern. It sucks but it's somehow refreshing at the same time. Either way, life should be a much less stressful by the end of the month.

Oh, and by the way....

Because of my new lease I will be signing, it looks like I will be staying in the Seattle area for at least ten more months.

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