Sunday, January 9, 2005

The Waiting Line

Well it's now 2005! It has taken me awhile to compose my first '05 blog, but here I finally am! :) I can't believe this decade is already half over. Where is all this time going? It reminds me of a great quote from a Chinese philosopher:

"Time is the fire in which we burn."

I love the quote, but unfortunately I don't recall what his name was...I suck. (If anyone knows, please remind me.)


Christmas was nice. I love the moment of realization that sometimes I really do miss my family. I had a great time, and enjoyed giving my gifts more than usual this year. My gift-giving style is to try and surprise people with stuff I hope they would love, while trying to avoid the completely obvious items on their wish list... while disregarding price. Of course, now I'm broke. Oh well. I still love Christmas.

New Year's, on the other hand, sucked large quantities of ass. Aside from work being more hectic and frustrating than ever, the whole week was hell. I only looked forward to the weekend so I could go out and have some fun on New Year's Eve. So it finally rolls around, and I'm excited, right? I didn't have to work on Friday (due to the holiday), so I spent some time cleaning up around the house and stuff like that. I hadn't had anything to drink all week, because I was so exhausted from work I'd just come home and rest. So sometime late Friday afternoon, I woke up to find myself lying on the bathroom floor. I had passed out for an unknown reason, and I still have no clue how long I was out. After I realized what had happened, I was feeling tired the rest of the day and decided to take it easy with the drinks. That means I didn't get to go out, and I didn't even get to do a thing for New Year's. :( One of my resolutions for this year? ... to have a better New Year's Eve.

Yet at this point, things have already improved. I've been "working out" a bit. This consists so far of pushups, weight exercises and lots of stretching... but I'm going to start using the machines down by the apartment office soon. After a small hiatus from my guitar, I've picked it up to play again. I've cut down my meal portions, and am eating healthier. I've even gone to the dentist for the first time in about ten years! Luckily, my teeth look good, aside from some very minor problems. I'm going back later this month for a cleaning, etc. ... Oh, and I've also given myself some time to relax and take some baths or watch some movies here and there. "Dodgeball" was frickin' hilarious! I'll have to pick that up. Another movie I watched was "Garden State". This is a fucking GREAT movie, and the music is even better! It's been a very long time since I've heard a better soundtrack, and I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys unique films... or even just feels like they've lost something. It's great stuff!

The months ahead promise me a raise or two and a likely promotion to supervisor of my department. They promise me better health, both physically and mentally. They promise a bigger bank account, a cleaner home, and less stress. They also promise me some exciting movie premieres and new albums. They will bring me life and joy. But most importantly, I'm promising myself to take all those things and make them mine.

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