Friday, January 14, 2005

"Drugs are bad, mmkay?"

I'm feeling good today. :) That shitty week I experienced has brought me joy in it's completion. I'm so glad it's finally over. That week sucks. Fuck that week. Fuck it, and then slap it with a loaf of bread just for being a poor stupid week.

I plan to make up for it this weekend. No more crying like a little whiny bitch, "I don't wanna wake up, Ma!", or "No Coach, don't touch me there!", or even "I don't wanna work! *fists in the air* ... I don't have to worry anymore. I have ... THE WEEKEND! Woo-hoooooo! The weekend is good. It is wonderous. It is pure, it is fresh. My dog likes it and I like my dog... but we all know he eats his own feces *enter sarcastic Mike Myers' laugh, with hand on belly* so what does he know? I plan to go to a movie.... "White Noise"... hopefully watch "Garden State" again ... maybe make it up to the casino to play some roulette. I got the urge to do that today. Soon. :)

Anyway, I'll check in later to update you about the happenings. ...... (We all know I'm really only talking to myself anyway, so it really makes no difference. It's not like anyone cares THAT much about it. I can just picture you people now, "Oh, *excitedly, with hands to neck* please tell us again, the part about premature ejaculation!!".)


  1. and your point is...

    drugs are bad for your ejaculations?

  2. lol Well... I suppose that's possible, but I'm not in a hurry to find out. hehe