Thursday, January 27, 2005

I came, I saw, I cleaned my shorts

Just call me "Mr. Get The Shit Done". I took care of so much shit today. Shit that was knawing at my conscience and begged to be addressed. I got that shit covered like a jimmy-hat.

(I said "shit" in each sentence. hehe)

On my lunchbreak, I saw the dentist and had them give me a filling. ... A really big filling apparantly. Now my mouth feels better, and I'm not bleeding out of my tooth anymore (a mild exaggeration). I can totally go to Hawaii and have that garlic-butter shrimp with no problems. At least, as long as the pounds of shrimp don't conflict with my alcohol stream... Anyone wanna make out??

I had a talk with the boss. Things are a bit better on the workfront.

At home, I cleaned shit up (okay, not actual shit... I'm not THAT messy!) and ordered some clothes online, just as I've been meaning to do. I also worked out a bit and limited my dinner size. Worked more on my CPU-music project. (aka "Project Sort Out My Mess Of Shit MP3 files Into More Efficient Library") Soon, it's off to bed early tonight. As those who know me would agree... I need all the beauty sleep I can get.

P.S. I get a haircut on Saturday. I need one of those. Then I'll look like a model, except for the looks and with shorter hair.


"Baby, I would do something that REALLY sucks......... for your love."

---Butt-head (in his seductive groove "Come To Butt-head")

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