Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cruise Control

*In over-dramatic NBC self-promotional preview style*

"One weekend, two nights! A man on a quest for peace of mind... Tonight, on a very special Blossom."

Now it occurs to me... I really have no clue what the fuck that NBC thing was all about, but I can tell you it did seem relevant at the time. This weekend was fun. Not really fun as in "I shit my pants with glee", but more like fun as in "Yeah, my weekend was............. kinda fun."

The work week sucked more ass than a Black & Decker combination vacuum/self-proctological kit. But on Friday, I received my copy of Frou Frou's "Details" (see previous posts for more info). And the night only got better as it progressed. We (Geoff, Amber, Jennifer & I) played Scene-It, a new DVD board game for movie lovers. It's a great game and fun as hell! I recommend it to any of you movie fans out there. Check it out. If I hadn't been so plaster-baked that night, I might even remember winning both games that we played. Winning is fun... especially if you can remember it.

Saturday brought some well appreciated relaxation and some house cleaning, followed by a nice dinner at Red Robin (, which I hadn't been to in over a year. They have great food, but it's a bit on the expensive side. Money wasn't an issue though, because I was taking Jen out (her birthday was on Wednesday). I got this awesome "California Chicken Burger" and it was SO good! It had guacomole all over it. I like guacomole. I found myself thinking, "Damn, this guacomole is really good. If I were girl guacomole, I would totally fuck this guacomole! But of course I'm not girl guacomole... so if I tried to fuck my guacomole burger... people would just think I'm gay. And it's not really like I care if people would ever think I'm gay... I mostly didn't fuck my burger just because I didn't want to get thrown out of the restaurant. Well.... that, and I was more attracted to my steak fries anyway.

So after dinner, we took a drive up to the casino, which is always fun. A nice little place... but I always think of it as Vegas's filthy little bastard cousin. It always makes me miss Vegas even more... (By the way, I walked out of the place up one nickel!!) Holy shit, I win! I Win!!

Sunday, Sunday. Let me tell you a bit about Sunday. It started with a nice surprise. I'm not going to get into the specifics right now, you'll just have to trust me. Later in the afternoon, I went with my dad to the studio again to rock out a bit. It's interesting how much fun I have singing and drumming along to all those songs I grew up with, whether they're classic rock, pop-rock, or even hard rock. For instance, this time we improvised and played certain songs by Tom Petty, The Beatles, Toad The Wet Sprocket, The Wallflowers, John Mayer, Badfinger, The Cars... and even Green Day, etc. It's so much fun, and it only takes me about half a bottle of 'Jack' to feel comfortable singing in front of people. I plan to gradually work that amount down to nothing, but give me a break for now people... I've always had a shy side.

So here's where I am now. Sunday night. Time to chill out, listen to some tunes, and prepare myself for a brand-new shitty work week. Hopefully I'll have some interesting stories to tell this week, but if it turns out at all how I'm expecting, I'll probably be too wasted to even find my keyboard....


Johnny Carson died this morning. I always thought he was a pretty funny and classy guy... Why does it seem so much more depressing when comedians die?

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