Thursday, July 1, 2004

First Officer's Log: Stardate 40701.2

Tonight I consider progress. Nothing extraordinary happened, but I feel perhaps more... accepted in society. I went down to have a drink, and ended up talking with one of the regulars I see in there quite a bit. We played games on the little electronic computer thingie and made idle chit-chat. Stuff like "so where do you work?", "are you going to be here tomorrow?" and "you did what to your neighbor's dog? for HOW many cookies?!?". You know, just the usual friendly chatter. The interesting thing is that it marks the second time in a row she hugged me before I left. I'm sure it doesn't mean much, but I can't help thinking maybe I'm leaving more of an impression that I originally thought...

By the way, a couple nights ago, I played those pull-tabs again. On my last tab I ended up winning $117! Yahoo-ey!! I like those now, but I'm not going to start spending all my money on them or anything. Nothing much else for now. I get paid tomorrow, so that means I'll be able to pay my rent. Nice. I must conclude this entry to go play some guitar now. Later people! ;)

P.S. I'm thinking of ending each entry with a quote or lyric that stirs in my head that day for whatever reason. To steal an idea from Jerry Springer, tonight's FINAL THOUGHT is:

"I can't say I really blame you

for being bored with the beginning

always staring at the score

to figure out who's barely winning

but don't you know,

there is a reason strong moves slow"

---"Tracing" by John Mayer

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