Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Mayer The 13th

John Mayer

Harvey's Ampitheater

Stateline, Nevada, United States


Set List:

Bigger Than My Body

New Deep

No Such Thing

Come Back To Bed

My Stupid Mouth



Old Love (Eric Clapton cover)

Your Body Is A Wonderland

Why Georgia



Homelife (Acoustic)

Back To You (Acoustic)

Love Song For No One (Acoustic w/Dela)



To make what could be a long story... not quite as long, I flew down to Reno so I could go with Laura to John's Lake Tahoe gig. Good times. :) At the gate, we were curious to see if they'd let us in with a camera and alcohol. It turned out that they couldn't care less about what people were bringing in. You have to love Nevada. I was glad I had decided against hiding those tiny rum bottles down my pants. After all, it would have just rectum anyway. Hahaha, a little cornball humor for you.

Anyway, John's set started off as good as usual (this time "Bigger Than My Body" was first). John played one of my favorites from HT, "Daughters". My favorite part in the song is near the end when the piano joins in. The cool thing about when they played this was that John let his piano-man (who's name I haven't quite learned yet... for now I call him "the Matt Stone looking guy")... play an extended little piano solo during the end. It was excellent stuff. A couple songs later, I was so pleasantly surprised to hear "Old Love". I have been loving this song recently, in fact I believe I even had mentioned it in one of my earlier entries... John and David [Ryan Harris] did something during this song that I've never seen before. First, David was reaching around John playing John's guitar for him... then later they were BOTH playing John's guitar at the SAME TIME! They were even playing different riffs! It's unlike anything I've seen before. All I could think was 'that's neat-aroni'. And a little note about "Why Georgia"... after the second verse, John said to the crowd "People of The Lake, SING!". It was our cue to collectively sing "So what, so I've got a smile on...etc".


To end the set, John played another favorite of mine, "83". At the end of this, I was expecting the usual medley of 80's tunes. He didn't do that, but instead he thanked his openers, DJ Logic and Switchfoot, and proceeded to sing "We were meant to live for so much more" (of course from Switchfoot's current hit single "Meant To Live") to the jazzy 83 outro. Then the encore...

I have never even heard "Homelife" done acoustically, so it was a real treat to have John play my favorite HT track to start off the acoustic encore. He had the greatest rant about cell phones towards the end of it, unfortunately I can't remember exactly how it went because I was laughing too hard. It was all about how the same people keep calling you over and over, nagging and nagging... and eventually you don't even hear the ringing anymore. You just hear "*RING* ... *RING* ... *FUCK YOU* ... *RING". lol It was classic. "Back To You" was also great of course, and John finished out the night by having David LaBruyere (Dela), his bass player, come out to join him. As they got ready to play, John said to Dave something like "you think we should just kiss? Talk about something we could do to freak all these people out." Dave then handed John some flowers, and John accepted them while singing "I like girls!" lol Then they both started playing "Love Song For No One", which is the very first song (and version) of John's I ever heard. It was a perfect ending to the concert.


Overall, I had a really great time down in Nevada! Many thanks to Laura for driving me around everywhere, especially when I felt compelled to find an open Taco Bell at 2AM. hehe She was great, and so was my mini-vacation. I hope to plan a trip like that again sometime soon. :)


*Fun Fact*

When flying from Reno to Seattle, if you decide to stand in line for an hour to get on an earlier flight to Portland, airport personnel will not let you board. You will then be laughed at by everyone and feel like a stupid dumb-ass.




  1. Okay, Ryan, you really need to ditch this blogger thingy... I can post now, but it won't show my name or anything. Bah!

    Anyway, I really liked the "people of the lake" bit. I was trying to remember his exact phrasing there, but you got it.

    The way I remember it, the cell phone bit was sort of a cross between bagging on guys who treat their women like crap and women who are nagging and annoying as hell. I couldn't exactly figure out his point, but it was hilarious anyway.

    Okay, great overview. Good job.


  2. Hey. You should update more a lot and stuff. Goodnight.