Monday, June 28, 2004

Better Things

Today I played my guitar like I should everyday. I played and played. And when I was done, I played some more. Have you ever seen 'Happy Gilmore'? I feel the urge to quote the little old lady in the old folks' home when she says "My fingers hurt". Of course when I say it, Ben Stiller (in a goofy disco-mustache) doesn't give me any landscaping duty. Anyway... so I'm working on what I like to call a "quadro-shit-ton" of songs currently. Among those I almost figured out tonight is "Quiet" by John Mayer. This is my favorite track off his 'Inside Wants Out' album. I'm excited to get this one down. :)

This weekend went well. I went out to a new bar. Okay you technical bastard... so the bar itself isn't new. My experience of going there, however, is. For whatever reason, I decided to try out the "pull-tabs" I always see but never give a thought to. With five dollars worth of tickets, I ended up winning $69 (good number by the way)! So of course I was all "oh hell yeah!"... then I ate some fries, drank, and played great music on the juke box thingie (think Hendrix's "The Wind Cries Mary", Clapton's "Old Love" unplugged, and Radiohead's "Street Spirit(Fade Out)", etc).

Nothing much else new. I'm happy to report my uber-suck-ass week ended with some random high notes. Next week's life is looking to improve...


  1. so.. i am the technical bastard now?

  2. I'm just calling myself names again... I do that sometimes. :)